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Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Parisian based label Stereo Fiction serves up Boutique Chic: Cez Le Coiffeur as the 1st vinyl EP from a forthcoming CD album compilation. The debut release is thematically dedicated to... Hairdressers of the 50s. Musically it's more house oriented, but it's still pretty kooky & reminds me of early Dimitri From Paris, when he was getting all fruity.

I look forward to the other themes. Like Lawnmowers, Milk Bars, Space Exploration, Rollerskating, geez I dunno, whatever they were thinking about in the 50s. Okay, whos going to do a track about teh Cold War? Yeah, I'd like to hear a dark, moody track with a crunchy break taken from a John Barry soundtrack for that one.

Track listing
- Chris Joss - Brilliantine A Gogo
- Minimatic - La Raie O Milieu (Centre Parting)
- Le Grand David - Bigoudis Party (Hair-Curlers Party)
- Georges Deligny - Panique au Salon (Panic at the Salon)

For a perm & colouring, go here to the Boutique Chic.


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