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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

THE UNHEARD - Soundproof EP.

"Switchflicker is designed as a 7" Vinyl project pulling together artists to create new experimental work."

Kooky little 7" from Manchester based hip hop dj/producer The UnHeard came out late last year on SwitchFlicker. Mixes up the exotica from dusted vinyl with the hip hop beats. Probably ambitious to put 4 tracks on a 45, but 3 are on one side with the more beaty affair Melomiander taking up the other. A choice little tidbit that sounds well tidy.

You can read more about the lad on the label's artist page at Switch Flicker & download 2 tracks as well. The more exotica vibed Jazz Belly Ride & the very short & crazy El Skit. Even Rolf Harris makes an unauthorised appearance on a track. Hope he keeps it together & makes another appearance on wax.

Cat No: swalf-7


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