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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jim Noir - Crown Prince of All Pops' Yesterdays Tomorrow

Jim Noir is a 23 year old Mancunian bedroom boffin who creates mini Spector/Wilson/Bacharach styled symphonies of irreverant pocket pop masterpieces at his home studio. This guy has a gift for melody and grin inducing lyrics that is sorely missing from a lot of today's hipper than thou sheened products often spat out by the music machine that is modern music.

A self confessed lazy bastard, who requires his manager to phone him in order to get out bed before midday, Noir (real name Alan Roberts) has just released his debut album "Tower Of Love" on the My Dad record label. Containing new tunes as well as several taken from his previous 2 eps, this is an album to both impress current friends with and perhaps to gain new ones wherever you play it. Cinematic, pastoral, humourous, heartfelt and crafted with the right amount of pathos, but without irony, "Tower Of Love" will be one to watch for on the personal charts of anybody who really knows and loves music this year. Genius!

Listen/Download Jim Noir - "My Patch"
Listen/Download Jim Noir - "The Only Way"
Listen/Download Jim Noir - "Eany Meany" (Real Audio)
Listen/Download Jim Noir - "A Quiet Man" (Real Audio)


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