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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lance Link presents: BUT I WAS COOL

Here's the second Beatnik themed set from me. This time 'round, it's the songs that exploited the beatnik movement and poked fun at the second wave of "drop outs" with their contrived berets, bongo's and bad poetry crossing over into mainstream popular culture. In other words, a whole lotta hipster fun! - Lance Link



Download: But I Was Cool 83MG/60.05mins/192 kbps

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lance Link presents A Beatnik I Was

Here's a one hour mix of beatnik jazz and poetry i put together today. Brew yourself a strong coffe, grab some Satre, and enjoy....

Download: A Beatnik I Was 65mins 89MG/192kbps

Friday, May 12, 2006

Awesome Italian 45s Gallery

Musicaememoria has a great selection of crazy 60's Italian 45 sleeves. I have some of these at home (not the ones pictured here) and they really do have a unique look to them. Might have been the colours and the printing techniques, along with the stylish/kooked graphics. Whatever it is, they look great as this gallery will attest!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Joe Bataan - Call My Name

Released via the Spanish label VampiSoul for the European Market & via Eighteenth St Lounge in the USA with a digital downlaod only release where it comes with 5 extra remixes.

"East Harlem's godfather of Latin soul, Joe Bataan, is back with his first album in over 20 years! Recorded last year in New York City's Daptone Sound Studios, "Call My Name" fuses the unmistakable dusty groove of vintage funk and soul with contemporary production style and bombast. ESL Music proudly presents this digital only release featuring instant classics alongside dancefloor remixes from a bevy of current breakbeat-funk heavyweights. The smooth soul of title track "Call My Name" is reworked into a high-octane percussion session by The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, while the anthemic "Chick-a-Boom" undergoes a gymnastic electro-breakbeat makeover by Chris Joss, and Ursula 1000 adds even more spice to the hot barrio rhythms of "Chevere Que Chevere."" -

Track Title
1. Call My Name
2. Chick-a-Boom
3. I'm The Fool (Parts 1&2)
4. Cycles Of You
5. Secret Girl, My Superfraud
6. Ernestine
7. Chevere Que Chevere
8. Keep The Change
9. Call My Name (VTQ Remix)
10. Chick-a-Boom(Chris Joss Remix)
11. I'm the Fool (Fort Knox Five Remix)
12. Ernestine(Lemon Remix)
13. Chevere Que Chevere (Urusla 1000 Remix)