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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Originally only a live band that played homage to some cult films of yesteryear. Started by some soundtrack collectors & now ending up as a recording band. They have released their debut album with only original tracks & not a recreation in sight. The album Silenzio Violento is pretty solid. It'd have to be after so many years getting the feel & atmosphere right of perfoming gems such as Theme from Mothra, Deadlock, Space 1999. Arabesque, Six Million Dollar Man, 10th Victim, The Liquidator, Mannix, Enter the Dragon, Bullit, etc...

Lead singer Drieky Caprice definitely has that worldess vocal thing going on. Came out last October, but I only manged to get the album recently from Amazon.

Morricone Youth Website


Anonymous Anonymous said...

be you ti ful stuff!

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Blogger Tommy said...

Ahh – I don’t know – not my style – too --- bland? Or something. I don’t know. Last night I stumbled across a site called woozyfly. com – I found these guys - they are f’in awesome Check them out live here! woozyfly. com/thekin

2:16 PM  

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