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Saturday, April 01, 2006

RADIO BASTET: Belly Dance music.

Radio Bastet has been online for a few years now & I give it up to its creator Marissa & her dedication to unearthing secondhand LPs of Belly Dance music. She's currently up to her 70th program & its a great way to hear this type of music that is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. There's always eBay, but Marissa's show allows you to hear the tracks instead of just looking at the exotic covers thinking about taking a gamble. The shows are MP3 streaming files & while there's an excellent cover gallery you can peruse while listening.

"Marhaba (Welcome)! Remember those old LP's in your parents' record collection - the ones promising "exotic adventures in far-off lands" and featuring sexy harem girls in skimpy costumes entertaining smiling, hooka-smoking sultans? Perhaps you were never able to get past those harem girls... If not, you may be surprised to learn that you missed out on some pretty great music! Of course, if you did get around to actually listening to the records, you already know how great it is! The late 1950's through the mid-1970's were the heyday of popular recordings of Middle Eastern/Oriental dance (that's "belly dance") music."

Also on LiveJournal, Tribe & recently added to Myspace.


Anonymous FlyinGenie said...

ha! adding to the sexualisation of 'exotic' middle-eastern/oriental women! tsk tsk!

lol, i guess i'll have to buy it and play it at the next Muslim girls party that we have - where the real belly dancers dance for themselves, not for men ;)

5:56 PM  
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