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Monday, March 27, 2006

Yo Yo A Go Go Icons #1 - RUBE GOLDBERG

I just saw the 2003 made Honda car commercial, aka The Cog, again on the telly & I am still amazed at the genius behind it & so I thought I should mention the man Rube Goldberg. Most people aren't too familiar with his name, but might be with his style of inventions. Everyone knows the game Mousetrap. Okay, it wasn't a Goldberg invention, but instead it was created by Marvin Glass in 1963 for the Ideal Toy Corp, but it adhered to the Goldberg principle. It would have to be the most relatable item that would connect the Honda ad & the game with Mr Goldberg's ideas. Here's a website dedicated to him. And a book as well. This cartoonist with a gift for the absurd died in 1970, but his ideas are still employed at schools by teachers who get science students to understand engineering & complex machinery in an amusing way. Schools in the USA compete nationwide everywhere with these crazy inventions.

"Rube's drawings depict absurdly-connected machines functioning in extremely complex and roundabout ways to produce a simple end result; because of this RUBE GOLDBERG has become associated with any convoluted system of achieving a basic task."


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