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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lamberto Bava's videoclip homage to Danger Diabolik.

Yes, I admit I am a fully fledged unabashed card carrying member of the 'I Love Danger Diabolik Club'. And truth be told, I was a fan from an early age, for I managed to catch it on Channel 9 in the late 70s when it last aired on TV sometime after midnight. Then I bought the laserdisc version in the mid-90s & had the Mu Meson fellas in Sydney copy it onto video for me from the 2nd disc I bought for their archives, for I knew they were massive fans as well.

Anyways, above is the original director son's shortened version of his dad's cult film Diabolik for Italian pop/rock group Tiromancino's 2004 released song Amore Impossibile. John Phillip Law even cameos as a security guard in the clip. Ex-Bold & the Beautiful star Daniel McVicar plays Diabolik, while Italian actress Claudia Gerini takes over the role of Eva Kent, originally played by the delectable Marissa Mel. Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) was rumoured to be interested in making a new version of the film, though less Bava's version & more based on the original comic, which is still in print in Italy. If you don't believe me then look here. I'm fine with that & would prefer a European tackle the idea than anyone else. Strangely enough Gans is supposedly filming another Euro comic book adaptation. This time the medievel Rahan with Mark Dacascos. Who incidentally was his choice for his version of Diabolik.

Ever since I heard the news that Ennio Morricone's score was damaged in a fire to never be released I've been distraught. The CD versions that are available are sourced from the film print complete with dialogue & are unfulfilling due to the crappy sound. The only original item that exists is the theme song Deep Down as sung by Christy. It was released as a 7" single & is available on a few Morricone compilations like Canto Morricone. I just figured that I'd never ever get it because the other Diabolik nutjobs would always out bid me on eBay if it ever did pop up, so i've never looked for it online.


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