Freak beat, loungecore, 60's French chicks, exotica funk, Bollywood, big band, ye ye, psychedelic bubblegum, kooky Japanese, spy themes, bossa nova, blaxploitation, hipster grooves, sunshine pop, Euro beats, Chinatowns. As well as contemporary artists who delve retro. Music & film related.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I love it when searching the Net for something in particular & then accidently stumbling onto a site that is, well, just like us. Kinda sorta... bits of it anyway. It comes highly recommended by us so go have a peeky boo at Scopia.

Oh, but its all in French so all you non-Francophiles can just look at the record covers.

Kitsch * Futuriste * Groovy
Pop * Psychédélique
Synthétique * Retro
* Culte
Avant-gardiste Ringard

Jazzy * Cinématique


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